2 Oct 2011
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Prescription Drug Addictions Dot Net welcomes you to our site on one of the largest drug problems in the USA and around the world. Prescription Drug Use, Abuse and Addiction is such a huge problem because people are legally getting these drugs for legitimate reasons, and then abusing the medications and becoming addicted to them hence the problem of Prescription Drug Addiction. Look for more posts coming shortly covering all aspects of this topic.

11 Oct 2011
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A lot of information about prescription drug addiction has been accumulated over the years. Call 800-235-1832 to receive immediate help from a trained counselor with prescription drug addiction, whether you or a loved one is in need of help.

All of the available information about prescription drug addiction indicates that rates of drug abuse and addiction are increasing steadily throughout the world, especially among the urban population who has considerable access to decent health care. Prescription drugs are legally produced for medicinal use in the treatment of a number of ailments and medical conditions.